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About Sangeeta Eastern Sweets


The present owner, Miss Vidhi S Thakkar, who took up charge after the demise of her mother Late Mrs. Sangeeta Thakkar, is a qualified Chartered Accountant by profession and looks into intricate details of the business to maintain the same quality, standard and hygiene as demonstrated by the older generations. All sweets are made with LOW SUGAR CONTENT.

Late Shri Mulchand Jovabputra
 - (1970 - 1992)
Late Mrs Sangeeta Thakkar - (1992 - 2011)
Mr. Sudhir H.Thakkar (Mobile No.  +91-98210 91210)
Vidhi S Thakkar (Mobile No. + 91-98335 97297)  - 2011 onwards.

Why Sangeeta Sweets or Eastern Sweets

1. Unique production process by which milk is tempered to REDUCE FATS DRASTICALLY by conversion into protein rich paneer (sweets).

2. Made with Buffolo's milk which contains 60% more CALCIUM, 40% more PROTEIN and 45% LESS CHOLESTEROL than cow's milk.

3. NO ADDED COLOR or essence in Dryfruit Sweets - made with pure dryfruits.

4. We can proudly promote our sweets as less fattening, enriched in protein owing to our unique production process..